19 Inch RACK SYSTEMS of Cooper B-Line - Eaton - EFS -ELDECO - EDP & MW

Standing 19" racks

Ultima racks

EC racks

ER racks

ELDECO 19" standing racks

Eldeco serverracks


Download the standard enclosures of Cooper B-Line catalogue of 2008 - 6.7 Mb

Hanging 19" racks

TF 19" swingframe

19" wall frame

EC & EC² 19" wallracks

19" Access wall racks

ELDECO 19" wall racks

Special rack systems


MG-Monitor gantries

BRM 19" desk racks

BR high class racks

MRN wooden racks

  • I-PAL access control systems & I-BOX access security & monitoring systems for temperature, humidity, consumed power, door card access, light, vibration & vandalism, smoke detection etc...
  • I-PAD intelligent PDU's (Power Distribution Units) monitoring power consumption.
  • UPS systems.
  • I-REM Data & Fire protection - Fire detection, fire alarm and extinguish the fire.
  • KVM switches & DX Matrix systems - centralised KVM and serial management.
  • Lighting systems for 19" racks.
  • 2-post racks for labs & flexible cable management.
  • Universal 19" rack accessories.
  • Cable management systems.

We present you our complete '19 Inch rack' program, containing:

Willsher & Quick (WQ), foundated in 1956, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-tech enclosures,
(ISO 9002) with production facilities in the U.K, USA, Australia, India and Thailand.

In the year 2000, WQ has been acquired by Cooper Industries Inc, a major USA multi-national group of companies
with more than 34000 employees in 100 locations world-wide.
The backing of Cooper B-Line ensures the strong growth of WQ for the future.

WQ makes a full range of datacom & telecom enclosures, 19" and metric racks, EMC & IP66 racks,
open racks, seismic & network racks, consoles & special custom built enclosures.
You can download our new pricelist in a pdf file, by pushing the hyperlink (1,4Mb) price list